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Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Making Him Rewrite A Verse

Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Making Him Rewrite A Verse

Only few rappers have been known for being able to get Jadakiss to rewrite a verse. Apparently, Kodak Black is one of them. During his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, the talented songwriter and rapper, Jadakiss explained that besides the late Biggie Smalls, the Florida rapper requested that he redo his verse on their 2018 collaboration, “Mama.” After he was asked which artists made the request, Jadakiss said, “Kodak Black. My man Yak!” He added, “Yak told me to switch it, yeah, and it was like a song about our moms.”

As you could imagine, Jadakiss was taken aback by a then-20-something-year-old rapper asking him to rewrite a verse. As mentioned earlier, the only other artist to make such a request was Biggie Smalls when The LOX recorded “Last Days.” “I’m like, ‘Yak…’ But I switched it and he like, ‘No doubt.’ I’m a person that’s easy to work with. It was funny to me,” Jadakiss recalled. “I think I spoke to him, we was on—he asked me, he actually said it, I think.”


Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Collab

Jadakiss Recalls Kodak Black Making Him Rewrite A Verse

Besides working with Kodak Black, Jadakiss has some major plans in store for 2023. The rapper revealed that he has two solo albums expected to drop this year, along with a group project with The LOX to fulfill his contract with Def Jam. “I’m still the Samurai,” he said. “I’ma drop two projects this year, maybe three. A LOX joint and definitely two Kiss joints — fulfill my Def Jam contract and then do some other lucrative business that’s mainly beneficial for me. I think that’s what it’s about.”

He also recently revealed that he would be interested in going back into the Verzuz ring after Jim Jones called him out. “You gotta talk to my advisors (laughs). I would love to run it back, you know what I mean? Why not? For sure,” Jadakiss said. No word on if or when this might go down but we hope to see a second round of The LOX vs. Dipset sometime this summer. Check out Jadakiss’ recent comments about Kodak Black above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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